News 5: July 2011

Children creating a drawing

Community Plan Logo

Welcome to our new Logo which symbolises the collaboration of the two villages through the linking of hands across the Sib valley.

Progress on the Plan and Working Groups

Housing: The Group has met several times and is well on the way to producing a range of questions to be included in the Community Questionnaire. Oswyn Murray, Tel: 780 723

Traffic, Roads and Pathways: The Group has made good progress on the wide range of questions raised about traffic and road issues at the Launch and Open Day. John Simms, Tel: 780 655

Environment: Establishing a low carbon plan for the Sibfords is a major issue for the plan. We are making full use of Hook Norton’s experience to help us to design appropriate questions for the questionnaire. Nature conservation issues within the parishes are also being considered including the potential for biodiversity enhancement. Hugh Pidgeon, Tel: 780 360

Business and Economy: Due to a lack of volunteers this Group is still in the early stages of its work. Subjects which might be considered could include Office/Workshop/Studio space for small businesses, and tourism related opportunities arising from our proximity to the Cotswolds AONB and Macmillan Way / Jurassic Way long distance paths. Are there new business opportunities to prevent the Sibfords from becoming just a dormitory for retirees and people who work elsewhere? Ann Lewis, Tel: 788 506

Community Facilities: One to one meetings have been held with the Wykham Arms, Village Hall, Shop, Surgery and Primary School all of which have raised a range of questions for the questionnaire. Peter Robinson, Tel: 781 213

Leisure and Recreation: A large, community recreation area is being considered. The economic feasibility needs to be considered carefully as it would be a long term commitment. The Village Hall field could provide some, but not all, of the facilities. The provision of Allotments is also being considered. The MUGA, a joint project with Sibford School, has been very successful particularly for boys but not so much for girls. Activities and facilities for girls are therefore being investigated. Joan Broady, Tel: 780 410

Graffiti Wall at the Village Fayre

With heavy showers forecast, the Graffiti Wall was set up in the Small Hall. Thank you to the children who painted the Wall with their ideas! Please take a look at the results.

We need more contributions, so in the Autumn it is proposed to set up the Wall at a Beavers, Cubs and Scouts evening; at the Primary School; and at a Church Family Service.

Questionnaire Timetable

This will be drafted in October and then distributed to and collected from all households in the Community in November.

If you’d like to contribute to the Working Groups and the Community Plan Questionnaire now is your last chance. Please get in touch with the Working Group contacts.

Richard Hartree, Chair Steering Group, Tel: 788 215