News 4: June 2011

Group of people in a play area

Progress on the plan and working groups

Having launched the Community Plan we are now starting on the background research to guide its creation. Six Working Groups have been established covering the major topics and subject areas described below.

All these subjects came from your post-it notes at the Launch and Open Day events. Now is your chance to do something about them. Any of us named below will be glad to hear from you: face to face, phone, e-mail, however you like.

Housing: What kind of housing, where, how much? This will become our Community’s response to the Cherwell Delivery Plan Document: very important! Oswyn Murray, Tel: 780723

Traffic, Roads and Pathways: What could be achieved about on-road parking, road and verge condition, speeding, accessibility and signage of paths? John Simms, Tel: 780655

Environment: Could we have an effective low-carbon plan for the Sibfords, what would it entail? Could we develop a Nature Conservation / Biodiversity Plan for the two Parishes? Hugh Pidgeon, Tel: 780360

Business and Economy: Broadband performance, can this be improved? Should we have small workshop/ office/studio spaces in the villages? How about a fuel purchasing syndicate? Can we plan for the community’s response to the Cotswold AONB tourism interests? Ann Lewis, Tel: 788506

Community Facilities: How could their value to the Community be increased? Working together more? Wider publicity? Peter Robinson, Tel: 781213

Leisure and Recreation: >What could be done for a Community Sports Ground, Allotments, a children’s playground in the Gower, indoor and outdoor activities for teens? Joan Broady, Tel 780410

Village Hall Fayre, Saturday 18 June

Come and meet members of the Steering Group at the Village Hall Fayre and learn more about the Community Plan. More information will be available on the Working Groups and their progress with opportunities to add your ideas or join a Group.

Calling the younger generation: have your say on a Graffiti Wall

Your ideas are important to us. What do you like or dislike about our villages; what would you like to change or be provided? Come and add your thoughts and suggestions on a Graffiti Wall at the Village Hall Fayre on June 18th.

If anyone would like to help us with the framing and finishing of the Board for the Graffiti Wall, please let us know.

Richard Hartree, Chair Steering Group, Tel: 788215