Town Estate Charity

The Town Estate Charity (Sibford Gower and Burdrop) was established about 1560 with three purposes: to support the primary school, for the general benefit of the parish of Sibford Gower and “to relieve either generally or individually persons in condition of need, hardship or distress”. 

The Trustees give small grants to individuals and organisations, where these cannot be met by government or other charitable funds. Recent examples are grants for such things as coach trips and excursions, the support of the Fielding Lunch Club, chiropody, student needs, fuel and insulation costs, small grants for garden maintenance, alarm systems and care for the elderly. 

We are especially anxious in the current economic situation to help anyone in our community who is vulnerable or in need. If you know of possible ways in which we can help yourselves or your neighbours, do please get in touch with us through our secretary Peter Morgan:

See also Registered Charity No 253440