Town Estate Charity

The Sibford Gower and Burdrop Town Estate Charity (Registered Charity No 253440 ) was established in about 1560 to provide a schoolteacher and poor relief for the parish; it currently owns a couple of farms and other property around the Gower. The trustees meet three times a year; five are appointed by the Sibford Gower Parish Council, and four by the existing Trustees.

The Charity has a remit to use surplus funds for three purposes:

  • the general benefit of the parish,
  • to help the primary school
  • to “relieve either generally or individually persons in conditions of need, hardship or distress” (relief-in-need).

The Charity would welcome applications for grants from residents of Sibford Gower and Burdrop, particularly for the relief-in-need category. Please contact the secretary, Peter Morgan ( ) or one of the trustees .