Low Carbon Sibford (LCS) is a community group that is being established by local residents to support the adoption of greener technologies and reduce our carbon footprint through local action.

We want to work with our community, offering practical ideas, information and activities, to help address the climate crisis. We will also collaborate with other groups and engage with our Parish and District councils, to influence climate action.

There are many ways you can take action including home energy, transport, tree planting, waste reduction and food choices.

We would like to encourage interested local residents to share their responses as to how they have created a more sustainable lifestyle. 

We invite you to think about whether you have any experience in this area which you could share, and whether you would be prepared to spend a little of your time with us, in order to develop a community approach in an area of common benefit.

If you would like to get involved, please email us at sibford.community@gmail.com and let us know what experience you have, what your most pressing issues are, or how you might be willing to contribute. Our first step would then be to bring people together to discuss how to take this initiative forward.

If you would simply like to be keep informed about sustainability in the Sibfords, you can join our mailing list by clicking on the link below and requesting to opt into the email group.