Sibford Burial Ground

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When the Sibford Burial Ground was created in 2011 anticipating the closure of the Holy Trinity Churchyard, the eligibility criteria were extended to enable both church parishioners and other residents of Sibford Gower, Burdrop and Sibford Ferris to exercise their Common Law right to a burial in the parish in which they reside.

The Sibford Burial Ground is therefore non-consecrated and non-denominational, but each grave plot may be blessed individually if a minister of religion conducts the burial service.

The Sibford Burial Ground is owned and managed by the Sibford Gower Parish Council, with maintenance costs shared equally between the Sibford Gower Parish Council and the Sibford Ferris Parish Council.

If you are researching your ancestors, you may find the Family History page useful; the Memorial Inscriptions page lists all but the most recent burials.


The current version of our Sibford Burial Ground Regulations are attached below:

Sibford Burial Ground – REGULATIONS

In these Regulations:

  • Section 2 details our eligibility criteria for a burial or interment of cremated remains of a deceased person in the Sibford Burial Ground

  • Section 3 details our current scale of fees which are designed to be consistent with those of the Diocese of Oxford

  • Section 4 details our regulations for introducing a Monument at a Burial plot

  • Section 5 details our regulations for introducing a Ledger Stone at a Cremated Remains plot

  • Sections 6, 7 & 8 detail our regulations governing the Design, Materials and Inscriptions allowable on Monuments and Ledger Stones

  • Section 9 details our regulations for carrying out work on existing Monuments and Ledger Stones.

  • Section 10 sets out our General regulations which are designed to maintain and preserve the visual appearance of the Sibford Burial Ground.

Applications Forms

The current versions of our 2 Application Forms are attached below:

Sibford Burial Ground – Application for a GRAVE PLOT

Sibford Burial Ground – Application for a MONUMENT or LEDGER STONE

The above forms would normally be completed and submitted by your chosen Funeral Director or Monumental Stonemason, but may be completed and submitted by the next of kin of the deceased if appropriate.

Local Funeral Directors can be found by a simple search for “funeral directors near Sibford” on the internet.

Enquiries & Further Information

The Council are unable to give independent advice on the suitability of the Sibford Burial Ground for your needs, so we recommend that you seek independent advice from a local Funeral Director.

However, for enquiries of a factual nature, please contact our Parish Clerk:

Kirsty Buttle (Parish Clerk/RFO)
07419 126 206
74 Beaulieu Close, Banbury, Oxfordshire OX16 4FQ

Wildflower meadow in the Burial Ground, created by Sibford Gower Parish Council in celebration of the Coronation of King Charles III
(Photo by Tim Huckvale)