The Sibfords Burial Ground

The Sibfords Burial Ground is an extension west of Holy Trinity Church churchyard. It is owned and maintained by Sibford Gower Parish Council. Maintenance costs are shared equally between SIbford Ferris and Sibford Gower Parish Councils.

Regulations applying to the use of the Burial Ground

  • No plinths or kerbs to be placed on any grave.
  • A headstone not exceeding 91.5cms (36 inches) in height (measured from ground level) and 76cms (30 inches) in width and 10cms (4 inches) in thickness may be erected upon the area not turfed or seeded, the back of such headstone to be 23cms (9 inches) from the outer edge of the unturfed or unseeded area and the positioning in all other respects to be approved by the Parish Councils. Also permitted are a flat tablet not exceeding 61cms (24 inches) wide and 61cms (24 inches) long not exceeding 15cms (6 inches) high sloping to 7.5cms (3 inches) or a monument in the shape of a book not exceeding 76cms (30 inches) high and 66cms (26 inches) wide. The headstone, flat tablet or monument in the shape of a book shall be of granite or natural stone. Etched pictures are permitted but not photo pictures.
  • No memorial, tree, shrub, plant, jar, vase or wreath shall be placed on the turfed or seeded area which shall in all respects and at all times be left undisturbed.
  • The placing of one temporary vase of granite or natural stone (not polished stone) is allowed for a period of up to six months from the date of interment.
  • No glass or earthenware jars/vases shall be placed on any grave and any such jars/vases will be removed.
  • The Parish Councils reserve the right of passage over all graves for purposes connected with the Burial Ground and the right to remove any headstone or vase to enable a burial to be carried out in any adjacent grave space subject to the replacement of the said headstone at the Council’s expense as soon as possible.