Sibford Swifts

A bird flying in the sky
Gable end of a house
The swift colony

These pages log the progress of a small swift colony of four nestboxes in Sibford Ferris. The nestboxes were installed as part of a house extension in time for the 2016 swift season. They are located inside the loft space with short tunnels from inconspicuous entrance holes in the north-facing gable end.

Follow their progress this year on Swifts log 2022 and come back regularly to see progress! If you want more information about swifts in Sibford, please contact me at 

You may also be interested in the logs for 2021, 2020 and 2019, or a peek into their lives right now via the nestbox webcams.

Would you like to know more about swifts? Read this fascinating article about The Greatest Bird On Earth .

Swifts have been declining in numbers – by over 50% in the last 20 years in the UK – but you can help by putting up nestboxes designed for them, as several Sibford residents have done. There is good guidance for doing this at Bristol Swifts .

Tim Huckvale

Swift, Swallow or Martin?

Swallows and house martins are often mistakenly identified as swifts. This RSPB guide  will help you distinguish them.


Schreeching swooping
sweeping the skies
whirling circles
whirring wings
diving and dancing
in perfect symmetry
here and gone
in seconds
of soaring

This poem was published in Sibford Scene #444 (June 2022) and is included here by permission of the author “AMA”.