Planning Applications

This page lists recent planning applications for the two Sibford parishes. They are removed from this page after about six months, but can still be found on the Cherwell District Council website.

This page is created as a convenience for Sibford residents; although we do our best to keep it complete and up to date, you should refer to the CDC website for critical information.

Click on a map marker to popup a list of applications at that location; then click on a reference number to view details on the CDC website. Use the tick-boxes at top-right corner of the map to restrict which types of application are displayed.

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T1 x Lime Tree- reduce crown thin by 20% and thin out all dead wood. Tree height is 20m High and 13 m wide,so reducing height to 18m and tree width by 10m. T2 x Yew reduce tree crown by 20%. The Yew tree is 12m and 12m so taking the down 10m by 10m.

Permitted on Wed 3 Apr 2024

T1 x Ash- Fell to ground level. early signs of Ash Dieback, in close proximity to the property. T2 x Beech- 15% thin of whole canopy to let more light into the garden whilst retaining a natural shape. T3 x No 5 Apples- Reduce to 3 metres from ground level to make further works manageable. T4 x Cononeaster- reduce height by 4 metres and shape. T5 x Apple- reduce by 1 metre.

Permitted on Wed 20 Dec 2023

T1 x Yew Tree- Remove epicormic growth from base and mid crown. Cut back from neighbours given approx 1m clearance. T2 x Birch- remove low extended latural from crown thin and cut back from utilities.

Permitted on Mon 20 Nov 2023

Installation of external render system and cladding to existing house. Reworking the existing extension and garage by cladding, externally insulating, re-roofing and creating new openings. The addition of a new garage building on the site of an old large shed

Consultation closed on Tue 21 Nov 2023; decision due by Mon 27 Nov 2023