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Sibford Quaker Meeting

Please visit for meeting and contact details.

The Meeting House in Sibford Gower is available for hire for one-off events or regular bookings.

The Society of Friends was started in the north of England in the 1640s by George Fox. He was a man of vision, a healer and a man with a strong personality and a loud voice! His Mission for Truth was brought to the south of the country by 50-60 itinerant Quakers (one third of whom were women) who visited Banbury for around one month in 1654. Travelling around 30 miles per day on foot they must have reached the Sibfords and found a favourable hearing among the village folk. In 1668 Fox recorded in his journal that “hundreds attended a Meeting in Gilkes Barn in Sibberd.” Fox himself came in 1678 and stayed with Joseph Harris in Little Sibberd (Ferris) and visited the Meeting House in Broad Sibberd (Gower).

From that time there has always been a Meeting House in Sibford, the first one being replaced by the current building in 1864.