Website statistics

Most popular pages over the last 10 days

Visits per day over the last 30 days

Screen orientation and dimensions

Landscape 44%, portrait 56%.

Widths range between 320 and 3440, heights between 412 and 1500 (pixels).

Screen layout

There are four basic layout variations:

  • In 0% of visits there is insufficient height for the navigation bar (consisting of search box and menu, home and top buttons) to be displayed at the foot of the screen, so it is at the side instead, replacing the sidebar.
  • In 39% of visits there is sufficient height for the navigation bar to be at the foot, but insufficient width for the sidebar to be displayed.
  • In 22% of visits height and width are sufficient for sidebar and one column.
  • In 39% of visits height and width are sufficient for sidebar and two or more columns.

The "no sidebar" total of 39% of visits includes 38% that are so narrow that the font size is reduced to preserve the layout.

In 40% of visits, the screen is wide enough to show a week per row in the Village Calendar.

A new “visit” is recorded when a visitor comes to the website for the first time and when they view a page more than 30 minutes after their last page view.

The “screen” analysis is based on the dimensions of the user’s screen, not the dimensions of the viewport through which they are viewing the site. On a desktop or laptop computer the viewport size may be different to the screen size (usually smaller) and therefore show a different layout to that assumed above. On mobile devices, the viewport is usually the whole screen.