News 6: September 2011

Table of potted flowers

Progress on the Plan

Although there was no Newsletter in August the Steering Group and members of the Working Groups have been busy working on the various items we have shared with you in earlier Newsletters. Meanwhile, we hope you all had an enjoyable summer.

Household Questionnaire

In November the Questionnaire will be delivered to all households in the Sibfords. This will be the major community consultation for the SIBFORDS COMMUNITY PLAN and your best opportunity to join in.

The questions will come from the major issues identified by the six Working Groups whose work arose from the comments received at the Launch in December and Open Day in March.

Most questions will be answered by a ‘tick in a box’. You will not be asked for your name, address or phone number.  We only need to know how many people gave an answer, not who did!

Your answers will be a very important contribution to the PLAN and enable us to build up an accurate assessment of the community’s views and aspirations for the future.

A high percentage of completed returns will give the PLAN greater influence on Cherwell District and Oxfordshire County Councils’ consideration of future decisions that will affect the Sibfords.

Summer events in the Sibfords

The Church Fete was held on July 16th in the Village Hall. The Graffiti Wall was set up again and many children enjoyed painting their ideas and aspirations for our villages.

On August 27th the Sibford Horticultural Society held its Annual Flower Show.  This is always a popular event and there were many inspiring entries in the wide range of classes, including photography. Click on the images below for a good look.

Richard Hartree, Chair Steering Group, Tel: 788 215