1 – Groups and Organisations

We sent questionnaires to all 30 organisations who meet in the Sibfords and one hundred percent replied. They ranged from Art to Yoga, covered all age groups and a wide range of interests and activities. The oldest, the Town Estate Charity started in 1560 and the most recently formed, in 2010, is the Sibford School Community Reading Group.

42% of village organisation members come from outside our communities. 16 of the 30 organisations use the village hall as their meeting place. 186 young people under 18 belong to one or more of the village groups or organisations. 38% of these come from the Sibfords.

The Groups and Organisations in the Sibfords in 2010:-

Name of Organisations Date Started
1st the Sibfords Beaver Colony 1988
1st the Sibfords Cub Pack 1981
1st the Sibfords Scout Troop 1931
Art Class 2007
Dance Addiction 2009
Fielding Day Centre Ltd 1992
Holy Trinity Church 1840
LEO.Ladies Evening Out 1980
Neighbourhood Watch 1986
Sibford Book Group 1990
Sibford Bowls Club 1995
Sibford Cricket Club 1876
Sibford Ferris Parish Council  
Sibford Friendship Club 1984
Sibford Gower Parish Council 1898?
Sibford Horticultural Society 1946
Sibford Martial Arts  
Sibford Methodist Chapel 1826
Sibford Pre-School-Tots-Babes 1990’s
Sibford Quaker Meeting 1678
Sibford School Community Reading Group 2010
Sibford Table Tennis Club 1948
Sibford Village Hall Management Committee 1957
Sibford Women’s Institute 1928
The Sibfords Society 1992
The Town Estate Charity 1560
Tuesday Night Bike Ride 2000
Water Babies 2007
Yoga and Relaxation 2009