Summary of Survey Results

Overall we have been pleased with the response to our Domesday Project. We could have wished for more returns but we will be able to produce some interesting information about village life in 2010 for future generations.

All 30 village groups and organisations replied to the first survey and 181 households responded to the main Householder’s Survey. The returns for Domesday itself came in from 120 adults; children and young people are still to come.

The Domesday project set out to record the life and everyday activities in the Sibfords during the year 2010. To achieve this we sought to discover:

  • Population by gender and age to compare with the 1877 survey by Rev. E. Stevens
  • Main householder and other occupations
  • Distance travelled to work
  • How villagers travel to work
  • Forms of transport used
  • How long have villagers lived in the community and whether they were born here
  • Main leisure/entertainment activities
  • Other interests
  • Services provided to village
  • Costs of everyday items (Bread, newspapers, fuel etc.)
  • How people spent their time on the designated ‘Domesday’
  • How many people grow any of their own food
  • Organisations/ groups who meet or worship in the village

Summary of Results

The survey is made up of five separate elements

  1. Groups and Organisations survey
  2. Householder’s Survey
  3. Domesday – Wednesday 16 June
  4. Village Business’ survey
  5. Village Schools