From the Romans to Rock-n-Roll

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From the Romans to Rock-n-Roll (A Short History of the Sibford-Swalcliffe-Epwell Hook Norton District) is a booklet published in 1960 in connection with a Local History Exhibition in the Village Hall. It was written by Leslie Baily, and is a by-product of his researches for a history of the Sibfords, which he never completed.

There is a huge amount of information in its 36 pages, which we have scanned for download as a pdf, either as 2-page spreads, or as single pages, the latter being more suitable for smaller screens and for printing.

You may learn:

  • How the villages got their names
  • Where to see the remains of a Cistercian monastery’s fish pools
  • The connections in Sibford to the patron saint of wool-combers
  • The impact of the Civil War, the Quakers and the Enclosure Acts on life in Sibford
  • When the population of the Sibfords was 50% more than it is today
  • … and much more.