SGPC Our New Team

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It has been all change at Sibford Gower Parish Council during 2018, and our new team of 5 new Parish Councillors and a new Parish Clerk have been working hard to get to grips with the basics, while pushing forward with our vision of increasing Community engagement in our activities.

Part of this vision involves making ourselves more recognisable in the Community, and you may have seen our “mugshots” and brief personal profiles in the October 2018 edition of the Sibford Scene.

We have reproduced these profiles below, together with our new dedicated email addresses.

The best way to contact us as a team is through our Parish Clerk‘s email address:

Our Parish Clerk will forward your email to one or more of us, as appropriate, but please feel free to use one of the individual Parish Councillor email addresses below, if this is more appropriate to your enquiry.


Cllr Hugh Pidgeon (Chair)

We love living here. When we first came to live in Sibford in 1988, our two children settled happily in the primary school, one on each side of the road; and I was the Chairman of the Governors there for 4 years. After a long spell living in China together, and a couple of hops after the children were born, 30 years on it seems Fiona and I have settled here too! My job all that time? I’ve never known what to call it, but it comes down to facilitating difficult conversations and helping people make complex decisions when the stakes are getting high. Should come in useful!


Cllr David Allen (Vice Chair)

After graduating in London, and qualifying as a Chartered Engineer, I pursued a career in investment management, and retired as UK Director of a global management consultancy in 2011. Following 3 years of “grey gap” travelling around Europe, living in a campervan, Marianne and I discovered the wonderful Sibfords, and moved “up the valley” from Marlow to Sibford Gower in 2014. In between frequent travel, keeping in touch with our extended family, offshore sailing, charity work, and numerous musical projects, we have been warmly welcomed into the Community … particularly through my involvement with the Village Hall, the Breakfast Club, and the Sibford Players.


Cllr Roger Mallows

Having taught in Bedford and Rugby, I spent over 20 years as a headteacher in Leamington Spa before retiring to Somerset. Retirement has included educational consultancy; part-time NHS Hospital Manager in mental health; voluntary work with the Samaritans; renovating a 16th century farmhouse. The delightful arrival of grandchildren prompted a relocation of the family to the warm and welcoming Sibford Gower in 2015, leading to the recent renovation of Yew Tree House.


Cllr Amanda Ransom

Julian and I came to Sibford Gower 15 years ago. Our three young children were born here, and all have attended the primary school. As a family from farming backgrounds in Oxfordshire it has been wonderful to see our children grow up surrounded by their friends and the fantastic amenities and countryside that the village has to offer. I have really enjoyed being part of our amazing school and PTA for the past 8 years and have been so fortunate to have made so many friends in our warm and vibrant community. Julian and I run our family landscaping business together, which is based in Banbury.


Vanessa Mulley (Parish Clerk)

Sibford has been a part of my life since 1993 when I first met my husband, who was born and raised in the village. Finally in 2003 we made Sibford Gower our home for 6 years before moving away to return again in 2014. Together we run our family furniture and joinery business from the village and I also freelance administrative services. I played the Spirit in the Sibford Millennium Pageant, which I thought would be a great way to get to know the village better; and in 2017 I joined the Sibford Players which I’m loving being a part of. With 2 children at the local primary school, I am also active with the school PTA and help out as a parent volunteer within school.