Millennium Field Clear-up Party

A tree in the middle of a park bench

Hugh Pidgeon writes: This is a call to any of you from either side of the valley who value and regularly enjoy the Millennium Field  and who would be willing to give a couple of hours to a little social tidying and clearing this Saturday! 

The current maintenance provision of mown paths and on occasion clear-cutting of the whole field has kept the field in good order, but we cannot rely entirely on contractors, good a job as they do. As any of the gardeners amongst you who may be reading this piece will know, there is always a need for further tidying! 

The task are simple, primarily cutting or strimming grass from around the base of trees, and tending to bushes and tree branches that have overgrown the paths.  These have been freshly cut so it is easy to see where they are!

If you have an hour or two to offer, do come – and bring your own favourite ‘clearing tools’. No tools will be provided.

To join, please just send me an e-mail at, and add a telephone number to enable me to contact you, if we need to.  Please do not just turn up.  These are more rigorous times!

  • Everyone who joins will be sent joining instructions before they get there which will emphasize the importance of maintaining suitable distances and the wearing of masks when appropriate.
  • We will not be working as a single group, and will be individually distributed throughout the field.
  • Hand-sanitizer canisters will be placed at the metal gate entrance to one side of the Primary School, and at the gate at the end of the footpath from Buttslade House.