Jubilee day 3 – Children’s Sports and Music Events

A group of people in a field

The grass was dry, the rain held off, and the sun overcame the cool breeze every so often. An enthusiastic crowd ensured that nearly all the races had to be run in heats. Sterling work was done by MC Keith and his assistant judges, line holders and scorers.

The Gower team were a bit slow in getting to grips with the Water Relay race, initially waiting for one cup of water to reach the end before dipping for another, and allowing the Ferris a resounding win.

But scores were evened up when the Gower team won the Tug-of-war.

Local bands The Skeptics and Red & Grey peformed at the evening Music Event. Do you have a good photo or two of this event? If so please send to webmaster@thesibfords.uk to enhance this post.