Asset of Community Value (ACV) nomination

The Sibford Gower Parish Council (SGPC) nominated Bishops End (aka the Bishop Blaize public house) as an Asset of Community Value (ACV) in December 2015, and this nomination was approved for inclusion in Cherwell District Council’s ACV Register for 5 years commencing on 12th February 2016.

ACV 2016 Decision Letter    ACV 2016 Decision Notice   ACV 2016 Internal Review

With the impending removal of this listing due on 12th February 2021, the Sibford Gower Parish Council agreed to invite public views on the possibility of renomination at our meeting on 8th December 2020, and also advertised this invitation via public notices. At our meeting on 2nd March 2021, the Council agreed that an ACV renomination should be pursued.

An application for renomination of the Pheasant Pluckers Inn (formerly the Bishop Blaize and currently trading as the Blaze Inn Saddles) was submitted to Cherwell District Council on 3rd August 2021. A letter confirming satisfaction with our provision of documentation was received on 12th August 2021 ACV066 Receipt of Nomination, which also advised that Cherwell District Council should reach a conclusion on this nomination by 6th October 2021.

The Council received the following documents from Cherwell District Council on 6th October 2021 advising us that our 2021 nomination had been unsuccessful.

ACV 2021 Decision Letter   ACV 2021 Decision Notice


The documents attached below are intended to provide full disclosure of the nomination form and evidence documents (as also requested by the current asset owners), subject to redaction of personal information where required by privacy law:

ACV Nomination Form

Section 2 evidence documents

Section 3 evidence documents

Section 4.1 evidence documents

Section 4.3 evidence documents

Section 4.4 evidence documents