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Sibford Scene 064 March 1983

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Saturday Club

A few af us are interested in the possibility of starting a ‘Saturday Club’ for children approximately in the age-range 5 – 14.

We feel we must emphasise at the beginning that the idea is in no way intended to either provide for an ‘elite’ or to compete with the existing excellent clubs in the village. The aim is to provide an opportunity to extend our children’s interests in a variety of ways on either a Saturday morning or afternoon. Examples of interests are computers, microscope work, creative writing, patchwork. As the weather improves we hope to organise outings if possible. The work that can be done will, of course, depend on the numbers of helpers available and willing to provide either knowledge or refreshments or both!

As a start, on a modest basis, we plan to hold a microscope session at a member’s home on the first Saturday in March at 10.00 am to 11.00 am. Later we hope to extend sessions until 12 and offer a variety of topics. We felt it fair to ask a nominal fee of 25p per child (50p maximum for a family) to cover the cost of squash, biscuits
and coffee.

We should be glad to hear from any parent interested in any capacity whatever. Anyone interested in the first planned session, please phone Anne Marcovitch 8163, Judy Abbott 731 or Jan Chater 294.


Table Tennis

The Club was started soon after the last war by the (then) young Lambs and Stewarts, encouraged by the woodwork teacher at the Friends School, Roland Herbert. The older table, still in use, was made by Arnold Lamb and Roland Herbert, and the newer one by Fred Inns and George Hall. The Friends Hall has always been the Club’s meeting place.

In its early days, when transport was limited, the Club attracted staff from the Friends School as well as people from the village, and did, perhaps, play its part in one or two marriages at that time, there being many more ladies attending then than now.

As soon as the Banbury and District League started, Sibford entered a team, and over the years it has had a team in the first division more often than not. Now we have seven teams (the most of any club) distributed over the five divisions of the league.

In one vintage year, Sibford held three of the cups played for annually in the Banbury area: the mixed doubles, ladies doubles and ladies singles. At this time, two members of the club played for Oxfordshire. Since moving from the area two ex-members of the club, John and Heather Masters, have done a lot for table tennis nationally, and John was privileged to score the World Final when the Tournament was held in England.

Most weeks from October to April we have 3 or 4 home matches, with Friday evening as practice night. Our officers are:- Chairman, W.J. Wealsby, Secretary, David Lamb, Treasurer, Allister Wealsby.

Ina Lamb

Welcome to Sibford

The Welsh may sing of the welcome which awaits “on the hillsides in the vales”, but we “New Sibfordians” will long remember the welcome bestowed upon us on the evening of February 12th.

To our generous hosts, the Parochial Church Council and to all who contributed to the abundance of food, fun and fellowship, a very sincere and appreciative THANK YOU.

A New Sibfordian

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