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Sibford Scene 063 February 1983

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Welcome to Sibford

About every two years the Church Council invites all newcomers to the village to a party in the Village Hall. Those who have arrived since January 1981 should by now have received their proper invitations. It is difficult, however , to remember who is new and who isn’t! So if you haven’t had an invitation, please let Dame Anne Stephens know (452) as soon as possible. It is just possible that you came in 1981 and have been invited again. Please don’t worry about it or get upset – come again!

The date: Saturday 12th in the Village Hall at 7.30 pm.

Village Parking

The Gower Parish Council is still concerned about the lack of care and consideration shown to others when parking vehicles on village roads.

Now the dark winter evenings are with us, please ensure that where footpaths exist, enough room is left to allow people of all ages and stages to use them safely.

A Parish Council in the county has recently successfully secured an injunction to prevent all parking on or near its village green. This case has shown that the County Courts are prepared to back Parish Councils who fairly and sensibly try to enforce the laws protecting village amenities.

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