(March 1983) Saturday Club

A few af us are interested in the possibility of starting a ‘Saturday Club’ for children approximately in the age-range 5 – 14.

We feel we must emphasise at the beginning that the idea is in no way intended to either provide for an ‘elite’ or to compete with the existing excellent clubs in the village. The aim is to provide an opportunity to extend our children’s interests in a variety of ways on either a Saturday morning or afternoon. Examples of interests are computers, microscope work, creative writing, patchwork. As the weather improves we hope to organise outings if possible. The work that can be done will, of course, depend on the numbers of helpers available and willing to provide either knowledge or refreshments or both!

As a start, on a modest basis, we plan to hold a microscope session at a member’s home on the first Saturday in March at 10.00 am to 11.00 am. Later we hope to extend sessions until 12 and offer a variety of topics. We felt it fair to ask a nominal fee of 25p per child (50p maximum for a family) to cover the cost of squash, biscuits
and coffee.

We should be glad to hear from any parent interested in any capacity whatever. Anyone interested in the first planned session, please phone Anne Marcovitch 8163, Judy Abbott 731 or Jan Chater 294.