Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

Friday, 25th May, 1877 

Visited Mr Hirons, Mr Fred Manning and old Mr Rimell.

Mr Herbert called and asked leave to cut some larch for mounds at the heath. Arranged with him that I am to have the entire use of my orchard.

“Hirons” a mis-spelling of “Hiorns”?

Saturday, 26th May, 1877

W Wilks, farmer, of Winderton, brother of Mrs Thomas Manning and Mrs Fardon and aunt to Mrs W Fox and Mrs Turner was buried at Brailes.

Yes, “brother … and aunt” doesn’t make sense, but it’s hard to read it any other way. Can you do better? Let us know.

Sunday, 27th May, 1877  a


Visited Mrs Hands, Mr and Mrs Thomas Manning, Widow Keen, Samuel Woolgrove, Widow Bond to whom I gave 1/- to buy a basket to carry her medicine bottle in next time she goes to see her doctor at Banbury – last time she went she dropped her bottle and lost all her physic, so that she had to go without for a week. Her daughter ?Jarvez? looks very ill.

Visited Widow Cakebread and Mrs Mawle. Mrs Way is better.

Baptized Elizabeth Gibbs, aged 79. Her daughter Mrs Padbury, a Roman Catholic, was present. Mrs Gibbs begged her husband with tears to be baptized too, but he refused saying he could not believe “all the quakers were going or gone to hell”. The office and altogether were very touching.

Henry Sabin was interred in the Friends’ burying ground this evening. A great number of the “Society” followed, besides the Club members and others. Henry Sabin told me last Sunday that he had been baptized. He attended “meeting” when he went anywhere and has never been to church except to a funeral.

Taught in Boys’ Sunday School this afternoon.

Tuesday, 29th May, 1877

Attended Ruridecanal Chapter at Mr Back’s Banbury vicarage. Lunch. Large meeting. Two clergymen, Mr Crake and another from Bloxham School declared with a solemn oath that they would not obey the recent judgement of the Privy Council re Ridsdale of Folkestone in the matter of vestments, etc, etc.

Called at Munton and Stockton’s solicitors and received two old deeds leases and re-leases belonging to the Sibford Town Estate. Paid 13/4 for charges. The latest of these deeds is dated 1824 and is not of much importance.

Thursday, 31st May, 1877

Wrote to Canon Payne asking him to sign notice of withdrawal and order for payment, to enable me to draw from the Banbury Savings Bank the money needed to pay for repairs at the farm. He and Mr Hitchcock of Horley are trustees of this repairing fund, accounting for about £120, and I therefore asked him to send the papers to Mr Hitchcock to sign.

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