Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1895, January 23, Wednesday   a

Rain early this morning which cleared off. Then the weather became very bright and fine. I kept my bed till tea-time.

Harry drove his mother to Banbury en route for London where he is to be married to Miss Mabel Leake at All Saints’ Church Notting Hill tomorrow. Frank is to be “Best man”. James Lively walked in and brought the carriage home.

The BCS met at Broad Street Schoolroom Banbury by invitation of Mr Warren and other curates of Christ Church. Of course, I was quite unable to be present, but I sent Warren Mr Laughorne ‘s letter from Coblenz and asked him to read it to the meeting.

Mr Jewell called this evening and said that as he had taken another business in Banbury he wished to give up my land, etc, and would be glad if I would allow Henry Bishop to succeed him as from last Michaelmas. He would want the house. I replied that I did not wish to let the house, but would think about the matter.

My spasms and diarrhoea continue.

1895, January 24, Thursday 

Harry married Miss Mabel Leake at All Saints’ Notting Hill.

Mr Riddle called. I was in bed asleep. Rosa was out. So none of us saw him.

1895, January 25, Friday

I was in bed till tea time. I arranged for Rosa sending for Dr Routh in the morning if necessary, but as the complaint seems to be yielding to weak brandy and water and corn flour, I did not send for him. Wrote to Riddle and asked him to come out on Sunday afternoon.

1895, January 26, Saturday

Snow, sunshine and frost. Intensely cold. I am having very sleepless nights, but the diarrhoea etc are better. It is intensely cold.

Received letters from Harry (at Queens Hotel, Hastings), Frank (at Chislehurst), and Bell (at Hawtree, or going there today). The wedding passed off without a hitch. Bell seems much pleased with the Leake family and Harry’s popularity. Alfred Howe’s wife was at the church with our Aunt Emma.

I had a fire all night in my bedroom, yet the inside of the window was covered with frost.

1895, January 27, Sunday 

3rd Epiphany. Calm and sunny. No service in church this morning. Mr Riddle came over this afternoon. I got up to dinner.

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