Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1895, January 30, Wednesday 

Got down to dinner. Mr Riddle called. Mr W Lamb, assistant overseer, called for Rates and taxes. Asked for use of school room for Parish Council meeting on Friday or Tuesday, which I granted. Suggested that the PC should send in at the rate of ½ or ¾ cwt coal for each meeting when a fire was needed instead of paying to school fund 6d or 1/- for coal and oil used. He and I both thought this method would simplify matters as it would be troublesome to pay 6d or 1/- items received into the School Banking Account. I said however that I would mention it to the school trustees.

1895, January 31, Thursday 

Very cold with East wind. Mr Platts called with Mr Oddie. I had got up before dinner with the view of going out visiting in the parish, but they both advised me not to venture out. So I stayed in doors.

1895, February 1, Friday

Snow all morning. Got down at midday. Visited Mary Sabin, Anna Aris, Miss Sabin, School. Called to enquire about Mr Abbatts who is ill. Visited Miss S Dix.

1895, February 2, Saturday

Some snow. Visited Moore, a new comer into cottages where Bloxham and W Cakebread used to live. The new people have bought the property.

Visited Jessie (daughter of Betty) Wilks, Widow Thomas Lamb whom I did not see, her door being locked. Mrs Thomas Lamb junior told me the old woman was about as usual. Visited Anna Young. Mr and Mrs Hopkins, Widow Green (not in). Mr Cluff called about Library business this evening.

My diarrhoea has returned. I took brandy and uncooked arrow root on Bessie’s recommendation. It was effective.

Received School Report on Drawing from Department of Science and Art “Excellent”.

1895, February 3, Sunday 

4th Epiphany. Took duty in church as usual. Intensely cold, east wind in afternoon, almost a blizzard. HC 13, Offertory 8/4, Afternoon Collection 6/- for Sunday School fund.

Visited Mrs Alcock. Mr and Mrs Wells called to enquire after my health.

1895, February 4, Monday

Bright sunshine, intensely cold. The thermometer in my bedroom, on the mantel shelf though there was a good fire, stood at 40°F but rose to 42° in the morning.

1895, February 5, Tuesday 

Bright and sunny, but still intensely cold. Water freezes in kitchen, etc. Ground has fortunately been covered with snow for a week or two.

Mrs Jewell called this evening about the land. I told her I could not say anything about the matter till I could confer with Mrs Stevens, as I did not think we should like anyone as a tenant for the cottage except our own man servant.

Received a letter from Miss Anderdon offering to give Frank £130 a year toward his expenses at Keble College. Frank says she told him he must look upon her as a “second mother”. Truly God is gracious. Bell is going to stay a day or two with Mrs Lindsay Page at Chislehurst and is to visit Miss Anderdon and Mr and Mrs Fisher.

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