Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1894, November 4, Sunday 

xxiv Sunday after Trinity. Fine and mild. HC 14: 9/6.

Rev W E Paige, late of Masterton New Zealand preached this afternoon for SPG. 15s 6d. He came here to tea after service. I drove to Swalcliffe and left Mr Paige there to preach. Then I went on to Tadmarton and preached there for SPG. The church looked very nice. The service was bright and hearty and the singing is greatly improved. This is the first time I have preached in the church since its restoration. I afterwards took supper with Mr and Mrs Riddle.

1894, November 5, Monday

Fine. I’m afflicted with a troublesome cough. Visited Miss Sabin, Mr and Mrs Elley, Miss Dix. Went to tea – dinner with Dr Routh. Miss Grace was there with her attendant Miss Haywood, Mr Mealey and a gentleman from California, both of whom are patients. Mary Thame as housekeeper and the doctor himself.

1894, November 7, Wednesday

Heavy rain nearly all day. Heard from and wrote to William Green about the Colepepers. Miss Hayward called about some oats at 15/- a quarter which the doctor (Routh) can get from a Mr Phillips of Oakham? a patient of his. I said I might do with two quarters. Routh called this evening to see Bell’s eye, which appears bloodshot since last Friday. He says it will be alright in a day or two. It was caused, he said, by cold wind. I wrote to Julia Sotteck, Koenigsberg.

“Miss Hayward” is presumably the same person as “Miss Haywood” two days ago. The handwriting is very clear for both.

1894, November 8, Thursday 

Very cold wind, visited school. Returned Drawing Form to Inspector, at Newbury. Visited Thomas Keen, Job Harris, Mrs Lovell, Widow Robinson, John Webb, Mrs Alcock, Arthur Haynes, William Hawtin. Received letter from Kitty Rogers saying that Percy Mountain was lying very ill with typhoid fever at the Grosvenor Hotel and that his wife was also there ill having recently undergone an operation. I wrote to her in reply.

1894, November 9, Friday

I awoke this morning with a pain at the chest in coughing like incipient bronchitis, which an application of Turpentine fortunately removed in the course of the day, but I lay in bed till tea time. Received postcard from Kitty Rogers saying that Percy was much the same and holding his strength wonderfully. Sent £51 odd to Clergy Mutual for my premium on £1000. Mr Woolgrove called this evening to speak about the forthcoming Parish Council meeting. I sold Lively the apples we did not want. He paid £2:8:0 and is to account for 9/- worth of windfalls. I have to pay him for gathering etc.

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