Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1879, August 29, Friday 

Visited Mrs Pearce, Hannah Keene, John Padbury. Mr Maclean walked to Birmingham.

As unlikely as it may seem, the handwriting fits better to Birmingham (40 miles) than to Burmington (8 miles). An original destination of “Leamington” (21 miles) has been crossed out.

Visited William Poulton. Paid him account amounting to £8.8. for self. Walked to Epwell to see Mr Montagu.

1879, August 30, Saturday

Visited Mrs Pearce. Drove to Wroxton this afternoon with intention of calling on Mr Izatt the Rector, but as a storm appeared to be brewing we turned back before we reached the village.

I have had very little sleep during the past two days owing to rheumatism in the head.

Mr Maclean returned.

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