Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1879, August 21, Thursday 

Very cold and wet. Visited Mrs Pearce.

From Banbury Guardian, August 21.79.

Swalcliffe, 15th August, 1879.


PRESENT their sincere and grateful thanks to those of their former Pupils and Friends who have so kindly contributed to the munificent and most unexpected testimonial, just presented to them, through the kind aid of the Ladies of Sibford Gower, viz., Miss Summerton, Miss Dix, Miss Mawle, Mrs. Fox, and Mrs. Hiorns.


Harry Shelswell brought his work to me this afternoon at 4.

1879, August 22, Friday  a

Drove to Banbury. Mr Maclean returned. Brought out him and Miss C Henderson.

Sunday School Childrens’ treat. Tea in School-room – to which mothers and principal parishioners were invited. 30 of the latter staid to music and other light refreshment afterwards. The company included:

Mrs Stevens
Chrissie Henderson
Mr Maclean
Rev Thomas Smith
Rev Atkinson
Miss Sophie Smith
Mr Woolgrove
Mrs Woolgrove
A Friend Mr Fortnum
Miss Mawle
Mrs Way
Mr Elley
Mrs Elley
Miss E Dix
Mr Hiorns
Mrs Hiorns
a friend
a friend
Miss M Dix
Miss S Dix
Mrs J Rimell
Bessie Rimell
a Friend
Mr F Manning
Mrs Manning
Dr Routh
Mrs Routh
Mr Herbert
Mr G Turner
Mrs Turner
Miss Colegrave
Mrs Fox
Mr W Fox
Sally Fox
Mr J Coles
Mrs Coles

The Choir boys – John Manning, Harry Manning, W Rimell and W Wyatt were also present.

I gave prizes of framed pictures to the following:

Joseph Coleman
William Eli Webb
Richard Geydon

Eleanor Barton
Laura Webb
Jane Payne
Mary Webb

and Books to
Joseph Payne
Eliza Hancock
John Tay
Ellen Webb

I visited Mrs Pearce this afternoon. She was very bad.

Very fine day.

School broke up for six weeks.

1879, August 23, Saturday 

Cloudy day. Visited Mrs Pearce. Drove to Hook Norton this evening.

Miss Maria Dix sent me £3.1.6 which she had collected towards expenses of Choral Festival in May last.

1879, August 24, Sunday

St Bartholomew. Visited Mrs Pearce, taught in Boys’ Sunday School. Visited Girls’ Sunday School. Attended Choir practice this evening.

Mt Hitchcox was at Church this afternoon. I had a talk with him on indifferent matters. He said Mrs H was not well.

1879, August 26, Tuesday

Wet morning. Fine afternoon. Visited Mrs Pearce.

Banbury Flower show. Drove Chrissie Henderson, Rosa and Mrs Stevens there. Took tea at Mr Henderson’s. Left Chrissie there. Mr Maclean walked in but drove back with us.

1879, August 27, Wednesday 

Cold, windy, raining all day.

Visited Mrs Pearce and Ann Bond.

Wrote to Fortescue & Sons, Solicitors Banbury at their request, giving them for 2nd time instructions respecting lease of Heath Farm to Mr Hiorns. They have lost or mislaid my first letter.

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