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1879, February 1st, Saturday

Frost continues. Hail this evening followed by snow two or three inches deep at least.

Received letter from Rev J Hodgson Vicar of Bloxham about Mary Ann Barton concerning whom as a probable candidate for confirmation I had written to him. He had seen the girl who did not seem desirous to be confirmed and her mistress Mrs William Robinson of the Unicorn, Bloxham thought her too young and could not well spare her. He speaks very highly of Mrs Robinson.

I received deed relating to Slinket from Mr Kinch Solicitor of Deddington October 10, 1876 and sent it on to the Warden of New College.

1879, February 2nd, Sunday

Holy Communion. 8/9 offertory. Thaw and fog. Drove to Winderton at Mr Smith’s request to help him in the Service, Mr Thoyts being ill. It was very bad travellling and very slippery – I fell down on the icy roadway at Winderton but did not hurt myself. I took Kirkland and Webb with me. Congregation was what one would expect at Winderton on such a night – apparently only Winderton people.

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