Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

Saturday, 7th July, 1877 

James Barnes called this morning, being well enough to get out. Gave him Certificate of Baptism of his nephew Thomas Henry Stock 1843.

Sunday, 8th July, 1877

James Barnes was able to resume his duty today.

Visited Mrs Shelswell and her daughter Marion. Also Sally Green to whom I recently gave some flannel for a petticoat. Also Widow Cakebread who being upstairs, and no-one else there, I did not see.

Administered H.C. to Mr Joseph Dix and Mrs Dix at their house. Miss S Dix also communicated.

Visited C. Inns who has been laid up for the week with rheumatic gout, but is now better and able to get about.

Visited Mr W Fox and the Misses Dix.

Tuesday, 10th July, 1877

Went to Bloxham and called on Mr Hodgson to make arrangements for his curate to take the services for me on Sunday 22nd inst when I purpose being at Bridlington.

The postmaster at Banbury told me that Webb the ?usual? postman here was making incorrect returns as to the time he finished his delivery here day after day.

Wednesday, 11th July, 1877

Visited Elizabeth Gibbs who is better. Her husband had not been able to do his allotment owing to his wife’s illness and his want of means to purchase manure. I gave him 3/- to help him over his difficulty, telling him he must keep his ground in order, otherwise the stewards would direct my attention to it.

Friday, 13th July, 1877

Mr Pettipher senior called this morning for Certificate of Baptism of Anne Gardner. I reminded him of the letter I wrote to him at Christmas time. He said he could prove that he had given two guineas a year to the church for the last 20 years. On my asking for an explanation he spoke of Choral festival fund, offertories, etc. I told him that what was collected in this way was always for some special purpose, but that it was the subscription for the ordinary church expenses that I had alluded to and that it went into the churchwarden’s hands, none of it passing through mine. He received what I said with a very good grace and I thought it better to leave him to think about it.

Saturday, 14th July, 1877 

Mr Hitchcock of Horley called this morning with the notices on the Savings Bank which he signed some time ago, early in June, and thought he had posted them to me, but discovered a day or two ago in his coat pocket.

Very wet.

Sunday, 15th July, 1877

Visited Widow Cakebread and Mr Joseph Dix.

Rev G Montagu called this evening and promised to take Fowler’s wedding for me on Monday 23rd inst at 11 am.


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