Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1877, June 28, Thursday 

Mrs Ezra Green’s mother came for wine. She says her daughter who is in the family way has cut herself with the spar of a chair.

1877, June 29, Friday

St Peter’s day. Divine Service at 10 am.

Called on Widow Cakebread; at the school; and on Mrs J. Dix.

Miss Maria Dix called this evening for flowers for church.

Stephen Hands paid his rent.

1877, July 1, Sunday

Attended boys’ Sunday School this morning.

Holy Communion 32 communicants. Offertories for books etc for Sunday Schools., £1.11.9.

Visited Mrs Mawle and Mr Elley. Banns of marriage between Sidney Bond and Harriet Green were out today. Banns between J. S. Fowler, Butcher and Sylvia Bishop daughter of Mrs Bishop at the Wykeham Arms and a member of our choir were put up.

James Barnes is better but not able to take his duty.

The remains of the late Mr Ellis were buried this afternoon at 4 o’clock. He married a daughter of a Mr Tennant who rented a small farm belonging to Mrs Cooper, sister? of Mrs Mawle at the Cross, afterwards held by Tennant junior, then by the widow of the carter, now by Geydon son-in-law of Widow Cakebread. Mrs Ellis is much younger than her husband was. He was 75. He had carried on a farm near Moreton in Marsh belonging to Lord Redesdale for many years, but having been very unfortunate he had to leave. I learn that Lord Redesdale gave him £500.

1877, July 2, Monday 

Went to Heath Farm and told Hands he might have

  1. a Kitchener in kitchen
  2. a larger boiler in wash-house
  3. and stable formed out of a barn

all of which he had asked for and Mr Miller had agreed to.

1877, July 4, Wednesday

Church cleaning is going on this week and I have lent my horse and man to draw water on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

Went to Brailes and arranged for visiting Bridlington with Mr Smith and staying there if possible on Sunday July 22.

Sent manuscript of paper on Domestic Economy, Text Books for Birmingham Congress on 17, 18, 19 inst. to Secretary, Society of Arts, London.

1877, July 5, Thursday 

Ezra Green’s wife sent for some more wine which I gave her.

Miss Mawle called, accompanied by Miss ?Finch? and paid me 10/- being Mr Hitchcock’s of Horley subscription towards the Sunday School treat.

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