Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1877, May 9, Wednesday 

Mary Anne Gough called this morning with some flowers for me.

Received letter from Messrs Munton and Stockton. They have in their possession some deeds belonging to the feoffees of the Sibford Charity which they will give me if I call. They intimate that there will be a small charge of 13/4 for search and attendance on Mr Fortescue.

1877, May 10, Thursday  a

Ascension Day. Holy Communion at 8am. Morning Prayers at 10, Service with sermon at 7, when 50 persons were present in congregation.

Elizabeth Manning returned thanks at 2nd service for benefits received at Horton Infirmary.

Mrs F Milburn and Mr Oscar Shelswell were at early service. I called on them at their mother’s.

Visited Elizabeth Manning, gave her 2/6, the last of the 8 I promised her. Also Marion Hone who was out. Left 2/- with her sister for her. She says Hands is always sending her sister Maria out to beg for him. The young woman does not like it. I said I would rather she did not do it and that Hands has no occasion to beg, if he will only work like other men.

Called on Mrs James Rimell and Miss Dix.

Went up to Heath Farm with Poulton and Horsman to see about repairs. Mr Stephen Hands, the tenant, seemed unwilling that I should go down to the new larch plantation to see what timber there was fit for use. But I went through it accompanied by Poulton senior. We found that all the largest trees, from 50 to 100 in number, had been cut and removed.

1877, May 11, Friday 


Rehearsal for Choral Festival at Banbury, Christ Church. Gascoigne took the choir. I drove Miss S Dix and Rosa.

1877, May 12, Saturday

Drove to Brailes with Rosa. Miss Honor Braddell was there. Observed horses in allotments as I passed. On returning saw them in the pound. Tay the blacksmith told me they belonged to Stephen Hands.

1877, May 13, Sunday

Very wet.

Visited Boys’ School this afternoon and taught. Preached at Brailes this evening, Mr Smith being rather unwell.

1877, May 14, Monday

Thomas Wilks called and complained of damage done to his allotment by Stephen Hands’ horses on Saturday. Said he would go to Mr Norris about it. I wrote to Stephen Hands about cutting the larch trees, calling on him for an explanation and apology and suggesting that he should compensate the men whose crops had been injured by his horses.

1877, May 15, Tuesday

Choral Festival at Great Tew. The choir went from here in the covered carts belonging to the carriers John Harris and Gascoigne both of whom are in the choir. It being very wet at the time we intended to start

Mrs Stevens, Rosa myself did not get there till after 12 o’clock. The choir left Sibford at 7 and arrived in good time for rehearsal at 9.30. It was raining very heavily when we started home in evening, but cleared up after all our rugs had got wet. Mr Smith, Sophie, Minnie and Annie went to the festival.

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