Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1877, May 16, Wednesday 

Mrs Way ill with rheumatism.

I ordered materials for slating barn at Heath Farm of Davis and Son, Builders etc, Banbury.

Received letter from Mr Stephen Hands explaining that the late Mr Mawle had given him permission to cut the larch on his farm for mounding, but apologising if he had done anything wrong. I replied to the effect that I would lay his letter before the feoffees, and told him to ask me in future before culling the timber.

1877, May 18, Friday

Mr Montagu called. William Payne the roadman cleared out the pond which had become very filthy.

Visited Ann Payne. Gave her 10/- towards her doctor’s bill, as she has had a good deal of illness lately and her husband has been at home unwell for 4 or 5 weeks.

Visited Widow Cakebread and sent her some wine.

Met Thomas Wilks who told me he went to Mr Norris about Hands’ horses, but he was not at home. Then he went to the policeman at Tadmarton who recommended him to go to Stephen Hands and try to settle the matter with him without taking out a summons. He went to Hands but only got “blackguarded”. He says he will let it rest now. He told me he had a daughter at home from service ill with rheumatic gout. She had had 3 bottles of whiskey from Banbury as “the doctor said it was the best thing she could take”. He was a poor man, etc – would I give her some port wine? I told him I had spoken with the doctor about the case and he had told me that port wine was the worst thing she could take. I told Wilks that if the doctor said she needed it I would give her some.

1877, May 19, Saturday 

Went to Cropredy accompanied by Rev T Smith of Brailes to the opening of the church after restoration. Consulted the Bishop as to the baptism of Elizabeth Gibbs. He told me I might baptize her without asking for any promise on her part to attend church if she got well, that there was no need of witnesses, and that in the absence of an “office” for adult private baptism in the Prayer Book I might select such prayers from the office for public baptism of adults as might seem most suitable.

Gave Marion Harris a plain dress on her first going into service.

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