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Sibford Scene 373 June 2015

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Unsung heroes

It is with some trepidation that I step into Adrian Lamb’s shoes as Editor of the Sibford Scene. During the handover process I have been repeatedly surprised by the huge behind-the-Sibford-Scene’s effort that goes into its monthly production; from the mysteries of its layout software to the efforts of the many dedicated volunteers who print, collate and deliver it to us all each month. These people play an invaluable role in the Scene’s continued future and I’d like to thank Reverend Ronald Hawkes, Peter Hardman, Ian Warden, Sarah Gale, Ina and Arnold Lamb, Sue Etherington-Smith, Nicky Kitchen, Peter Robinson, the Coventrys, the Franklins, Ivor Hopkyns, Mollie Mulley, Sue Lovatt, Peter Conway, Petra Berry, Sandra Tustain, Frank Scouse, Clive and Jan Warner, Brian Joynes, Erica Wimbush, Nicholas Giles, Fiona Pidgeon, Matthew Conisbee, Sue Mattinson, as well as all of the scene’s regular contributors.

Of course our biggest thanks must be reserved for Adrian, who took on the Scene’s Editorship to prevent its demise and who has patiently and fairly presided over it for 15 years and 160 issues, not just as Editor but also stapler, postman and occasional diplomat.

The Sibford Scene is an invaluable village amenity and one we’re all keen to preserve. You’ll notice a few small changes in this issue, but this is your resource and I’d like to add to the Sibford Scene’s content by encouraging your participation.

Please send me interesting articles, news, Sibford memories, ideas and (clean) comment for inclusion. Meanwhile, my thanks to an enthusiastic Burdrop resident for his regular column suggestions including, among others not printable here, roadkill recipes and interesting items seen on the back seats of the Sibfords’ cars.

Please be patient with me for a little while as I get to grips with my new role. Oh, and finally, please help the Sibford Scene to continue by responding to the appeal on page 20.

Caroline Seely

... a Sibfords Did You Know?

Burdrop derives its name from the Old English for ‘the hamlet near the bury’ (a fortified place or Manor). Within living memory Sibford Gower and Burdrop were known collectively as Broad Sibford while Sibford Ferris was known as Little Sibford.

Above, you may see one or two items of historical interest from this edition. To see the whole edition, click on the front-page image to download it as a pdf.