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Sibford Scene 046 May 1981

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Elms at The Elm

Two four-year-old elm seedlings have been planted and staked opposite The Elm, by courtesy (unbeknown) of the City of Vienna Parks and Cemeteries Department.

Seeds shed from a magnificent avenue of elms in one of the city parks have been brought back, planted, and many germinated. Two are here, the rest on Hampstead Heath and in Epping Forest.

Perhaps, having come from so far East, they may be immune from this western disease, so let us hope so. However, just in case, two healthy suckers from the old trees have been staked, and they may have acquired immunity.

Floreant Ulmi!


Holidays for children

Willing Hostesses are once more being asked to give a week or two holiday to deprived children. The reasons are various, but each case is carefully investigated by the Social Services in their area, and all are children who would in no way get a holiday without the welcome and kindness of a family.

Last year the Sibfords gave a happy week to 14 children. Anyone interested should contact Mrs M. B. Flinn, W.R.V.S. Orchard Cottage, Sibford Gower.

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