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Sibford Scene 045 April 1981

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Earthquake in Italy

On Tuesday the 9th of March Mr Hayes came to the Village school to show some slides of the earthquake in Italy.

Mr Hayes took two caravans over to Italy for the homeless. This is some of the work the children did after he had gone.


Children playing, birds are singing,
Trees are rustling in the wind;
Everything is motionless,
Not a bird chanting or a tree rustling in the wind.
A rumble, a tremble,


Houses falling, dust flying,
Mothers., screaming, children crying.
Will it ever stop, its carrying on for hours but its only seconds..
It’s over, everyone is crying thinking of their lost ones.;
Houses half standing in the countryside,
A staircase winding up where a doll is hanging.
A wooden door of a church left standing with organ pipes falling on top,
Rubble of houses,
People left homeless.



E for Everyone busy in the streets.
A for Absolute silence before the earthquake.
R for Rumble of a slight tremor.
T for Terrified community as the earthquake erupts.
H for Houses crumbling.
Q for the Quiet streets desolate and deserted.
U for an Uncanny silence.
A for All the people searching for lost relatives.
K for people Kneeling down praying it will stop.
E for Everybody getting organized to start building houses.



Suddenly with no warning the earth starts to tremble.
Beneath your feet the earth is trembling, crumbling away.
It moves so much you can’t move, you feel paralysed, stuck to the ground.
You hear sound around yourself as though the whole earth was gradually cracking up.
It’s like standing in a boat on the sea.
The whole area around you is falling to bits.


It’s absolutely silent.
Streets full of terrified people
Running up to the hillside shouting for help.
Shovelling bricks,
Children looking for parents,
Parents looking for children.
People lying in the streets.



It was late afternoon and people were coming home.


The earth starts trembling all around.
Ninety seconds of destruction.
People lie helpless under the rubble.
Houses crumble and fall to the ground.
The people who are left looking for belongings amongst the rubble.
Thousands are homeless.



A sudden silence,
Then a rumble and a crash.


People shout and start to run.
Scared faces,
Houses falling,
People digging for families,.
Suddenly it stops dead.
All that is left is the church and the organ pipes.



After the terrible earthquake in Italy
Everything is demolished, shattered glass from windows,
Buildings ready to crumble at the slightest movement.
Lost toys hanging from stairs.
Caravans standing on the muddy road.
The church damaged, broken organ pipes on top of it.
Everything is destroyed.
At night the people sleep outside in the bitter cold.



Alarming silence,
Rumbling houses,
Tumbling rocks,
Horror dawning,
Quaking ground,
Under buried,
Absolute chaos,
Kitten meowing ,



Slow rocking,
Suddenly falling terror,
Suffocating buried under rubble,
Shocked crying children,
Families dead,


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