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Sibford Scene 005 July 1977

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The Leslie Baily lecture

Many Sibford residents knew Leslie Baily and assisted him in his researches for the Sibford History, which unfortunately was never finally written up before his death. However, his son, John, is about to start on that task.

Mr Frank Rollett draws our attention to the inauguration of an annual series of lectures for the Sibford Old Scholars Association, to be known as the Leslie Baily Lectures.

The first of these is to be an illustrated lecture by John Baily on a subject taken from his father’s research papers. It will take place in the School Main Hall on Saturday 27th August at 8.00 p.m.

Everyone interested is cordially invited to attend, even if not a member of the Association, and should contact Mr. Rollett in advance.

Rollright rhymes

Seven strides thou shalt take,
And if Long Compton thou can see,
King of England thou shall be.

Following last month’s article on Midsummer customs we are reminded by Jean Evans of the rhyme associated with the Rollright legend.

After six strides the hopeful king thought the land was his, but at the seventh, the view was obscured so he and his men were turned by the witch into stone while she turned herself into the eldern tree.

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