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Sibford Scene 003 May 1977

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Just going to feed the ducks

The ducks on the Gower pond have been sadly missed by many devoted bread-throwers. Some of the residents in the pond area plan to replace them, but have come across problems. If anyone knows where half a dozen three-month old ducks can be obtained, Mrs. Mabel Payne at the Post Office would be delighted to hear.

Twenty-Four Square Miles

This is the title of a film made just after the war, depicting life in the country-side of North Oxfordshire. It gives a fascinating and eye-opening picture of this area and plenty of opportunities to spot familiar landmarks.

The Young Wives have arranged to show the film on Monday, 16th May at 7.30 p.m. in the Friends’ Hall and invite everyone, regardless of age or sex, to come along. Admission will be 20 pence, including coffee.

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