SwiftCams 2020

Swift season 2020 has ended and the cameras are switched off, but you may still view the videos. You are welcome to download them for private or educational use or for sharing with other swift enthusiasts, but please acknowledge the source, for example by referencing this web page. To download, right-click the link below the video.

New-born hatchlings being fed

Download 2020-a01-new-born-hatchlings.mp4


Parent of three hatchlings fighting off an intruder?

Download 2020-a02-fighting-intruder.mp4


3-week old chick exercising its wings (with sound!)

Download 2020-a03-exercising-wings.mp4


3-week old chick defecating…

Download 2020-a04-baby-poo.mp4


…and parent cleaning up

Watch carefully from 15:34:35.

Download 2020-a05-clearing-poo.mp4


Six videos from box #3

These were recorded on 8 / 9 July, when the three chicks were nearly 4 weeks old. The addition of a microphone reveals interesting details of swift life, including strange calls from the adult birds that I’ve not heard outside. It becomes clear that one of the chicks is much smaller than the others; it seems to be finding it hard to compete in the feeding frenzy that follows the arrival of a parent.

1. Big chick exercising its wings

Download 2020-b01-big-chick-exercise.mp4


2. Tiny chick exercising its wings

Compare the size of its wings with with those of big chick in the previous video.

Download 2020-b02-tiny-chick-exercising.mp4


3. Two course meal

The sound of the arrival of one parent sends the chicks into the usual feeding frenzy; then the second parent arrives. Towards the end one of the parent departs to collect more food – listen for the distinctive sound as it launches itself out of the tunnel, letting in more light.

Download 2020-b03-two-course-meal.mp4


4. Strange call…

In this feeding event, the difference in size of the chicks is again apparent, and Tiny chick is first to leave the mêlée. The parent (presumably) utters a strange call at 13:19:24.

Download 2020-b04-strange-call-1.mp4


5. …and again

This video begins with a clear view of the three chicks in the scrape, Tiny chick (with a much greyer face than the others) in the middle. The parent arrives, again with that strange call.

Download 2020-b05-strange-call-2.mp4


6. A quiet entrance

One parent is cuddling the chicks when the other parent makes a quiet entrance. The chicks pester it for food, but it’s not clear that any was offered.

Download 2020-b06-quiet-entrance.mp4