Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1871, January 28, Saturday 

Wrote to Mr G. Bessell, Chapter Clerk, Bristol, asking for settlement of account for his brother’s schooling and books.

1871, February 6, Monday

Called on Professor Ogilvie at Christ Church, about Pastoral Theology Lectures, but he was not at home, being ill at Ross, his country Rectory.

1871, February 8, Wednesday

Commenced attendance on Prof. Payne Smith’s Public Divinity Lectures, by calling on him. The first lecture will be tomorrow.

1871, February 13, Monday

Called at Mr Pike’s office again. The deed was not what I expected to find it, and therefore declined for the present to sign it, but wrote for information to Mr Pinkney, Secretary of the “Protector” Society.

1871, March 2, Thursday

Wrote to Bishop of Oxford (Mackarness) asking permission to offer myself as a candidate for Deacon’s Orders after taking my degree which I hope to do in June next.

1871, May 25, Thursday

Went to London and stayed with Mr Thomas Brown, Bushey Villa, Burton Road, Stockwell. Called on Mr Estall this evening.

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