Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1896, February 12, Wednesday 

Received copy of 1895 Loggin Rent roll from Miller and Abbotts.

Rev P. W. Jordan rector of Drayton writes about Keziah Kaye who is in his service. He has learnt that she has two bastard children, and her conduct not being quite what it should be he is doubtful whether he can keep her. I replied.

Mrs Prosser wrote again about Matilda barnes saying she had written to the girl’s “Aunt who lives next door to Mark Barnes,” at the request of a lady who lives next door to Mrs Prosser, but not knowing the Aunt’s name, she had addressed the letter to Mark. I replied that the girl had no “Aunt living next door to Mark Barnes.”

I drove Bessie round the Pig & Wistle before dinner and called at William Webb’s. It was a lovely morning.

Parliament opens today.

I drove Bell and Rosa to Brailes this afternoon where we took tea with Sophie and Maude Smith. Returned by ¼ to 7.

Henry Tarver called and asked whether the Trustees would give him the coals etc, or rather he asked when the meeting would take place in order that he might apply to them in accordance with the rule. I told him the day of meeting was not fixed. I said I would bring his request before the meeting. He said he had 4 children too young for work, and that he had resided in his present house at Burdrop ever since 9th January last year. He had no document with him to prove his statement so I took his word for it and gave him 11 cwt of coals of this February’s distribution.

Magic Lantern Exhibition at Friends’ School. I did not go. Rosa went with Louie and Bessie Thame. I went to meet them on their return, calling on Miss Dix by the way.

1896, February 13, Thursday 

Fine but not bright. Drove Bell and Bess to Hook Norton. The latter returned to Cheltenham by the 3.48 pm train. The roads were so muddy and stony that I had the greatest difficulty in getting Ruby along. The labour of doing so, combined with the anxiety lest we should be too late for the train brought on me an attack of palpitation of the heart. My feet were intensely cold. So I went to bed as soon as I reached home, and having had it warmed, soon recovered.

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