Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1896, February 5, Wednesday 

A very delightful morning. Sent synopsis of “Pleasant Holidays” to Edward Arnold Esq publisher, of 37 Bedford Street, Strand.

Visited school this morning. Visited or rather called to enquire about Mrs Turner, but could not make anyone hear.

Met Mark Barnes and talked to him about his daughter Matilda. He knows nothing of the letter which she told Mrs Prosser she had received from “A lawyer at Brailes” telling her that her “godfather, Mr Bryant of Brailes” had died leaving her a legacy of £230 which letter she said she sent to her father in December asking him what she should do about it. He says he has never seen the letter and knows nothing about the matter.

I walked round by “Pig & Whistle”, spoke with Mr Moore.

Rev D. F. Teesdale, Vicar of Bodicote wrote asking whether Thursday, March 19 would suit us for Diocesan Inspection. I replied, yes.

1896, February 6, Thursday 

Cold and raw morning. Received note from Rev Morgan Hughes of Derwen saying that William Sabin was subject to fits and that as the Doctor advises that he should be sent home he would arrive in Banbury at about 3 pm today. We sent for his mother, poor thing! and read the letter to her. He seems to have shown some symptoms of fits recurring last August. I was not aware that there was about him any remnant of a tendency in that direction. He had a few fits some 10 or 12 years ago. But I thought he had quite outgrown them.

Mr G. Hall sent up to me by a messenger the Loggin rent Roll for 1894 and a message that he would call on me tomorrow or Saturday. No word of apology.

Walked round by Pig & Whistle and Pound Lane this afternoon. Very sunny and pleasant, but roads muddy. Visited Mrs Alcock who is downstairs and better.

Bessie had proposed to return to Cheltenham today but was not quite well enough, though her cold is much better than it was.

1896, February 7, Friday

Dull and cold. Visited school and taught.

Mr George Hall called on me there and said he was very sorry he had lost or mislaid the Loggin Rent-roll for 1895, and said also that he would willingly pay for copies whatever Miller and Abbotts charged.

Visited Mrs Turner and saw her and Mrs Fox.

Visited Harriet Sabin and saw her son William who arrived at Banbury last evening and came out with his Aunt the carrier. He looks very ill.

My synopsis of Pleasant Holidays was returned this morning from Mr Edward Arnold publisher, 37 bedofrd Street. Strand.

Visited Widow Hannah Lamb and Miss Dix. Also Mr Moore, but could not make anyone hear at the latter’s house.

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