Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1896, February 2, Sunday 

Septuagesima Sunday. Hoar Frost. H.C. 14. Offertory 7.0½. Mr and Mrs Ainge were at church, but did not communicate. The collection this afternoon amounted to 10.2½. Total for the day 17/3 for Church Repair fund. I requested the Clerk to take it to Mr Inns. Mr Woolgrove came into the Vestry and counted the afternoon money. He said he met Mr Hall in Banbury on Thursday last, but had no opportunity of speaking to him about the Loggin allotment rent rolls. Attended choir practice this evening. Mr Langley told me he paid the needlework money into the Bank at Banbury yesterday, amounting to £2. 10. 3. I handed him a form to be filled up from Department of Science and Art for Evening Drawing class.

1896, February 3, Monday 

Returned form to E. Selwyn Edwards Esq, Newbury, about Evening School Drawing Examination and wrote Mr G. Hall about Loggin Rent Rolls for 1894 and 1895 which he has not yet returned to me.

Sophie and Maud Smith walked over from Brailes this afternoon. Rosa and I walked as far as the Heath Allotments with them on their return. Mrs Ainge called this evening.

I received from Mr H. Wilks and Mr E. Jewell an application in the usual terms for the use of the schoolroom on April 10th next after school children have been dismissed for a Cricket Club concert and dance.

1896, February 4, Tuesday

Wrote permission for Cricket Club concert and dance in School granted to Messrs H. Wilks and Eli Jewell and sent information to Mr Langley.

The School Cash Book was returned from Education Department this morning and a letter in reply to my enquiry saying that Cash Book and vouchers were not required except when specially asked for.

I walked up Pound Lane this morning which was very bright and fine. This afternoon I walked round Pound Lane and Pig & Whistle. Last night W. Payne called and asked my permission to use some stones from the churchyard which had been thrown down in the Church Close for the purpose of repairing the public footpath. Mr Mann (as Waywarden) had ordered him to do it, but to ask my permission to have the stones. I went to see them this afternoon and saw that they were “hand-picked” having as far as I could see no soil with them.

Mr George Hall sent me a note saying that Mr Miller promised to send me “The Rent Rolls for 1894-5.” He sent me those of the Town Estate on Saturday last. But what I want are those of the Loggin Estate for 1894-5 which I lent Mr Hall and which he appears to have lost.

The dancing class begins work in the schoolroom this evening. Rosa and I walked up. She went in. I did not. The dancing master, Mr Betts of Banbury, did not come out so Louie Thame taught the class as well as she could. There were 26 present besides Cluff, Inns and Jewell.

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