Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1895, December 23, Monday 

Very cold. I sat in my study with little oil stove which Rosa had lighted to warm the room but the unconsumed gasses affected me so powerfully that a few minutes after I had sat down to dinner I never felt so ill in my life. It was a very severe kind of giddiness. But I managed to get up to bed and take a saline draught which did me good and after an hour’s sleep I felt much better.

1896, January 13, Monday

Visited James and Laura Dyer and John and Mary Webb and saw Eli Webb, his father, who is lying there. He has not spoken or moved since Friday last. The children are very sad about their grandfather’s illness. The little boy, aged 6, has until the grandfather’s illness slept on the latter’s side of the bed “to warm it for him, Mother”.

Continued Annual meeting of Sibford Lending Library. Tea at 5. Meeting and Entertainment.

1896, January 22, Wednesday

Bright and frosty in early morning followed by dull cold weather. I visited Mr and Mrs Moore. The latter has frequently had fits of an epileptic character during the last month or two. They last 2 or 3 minutes on each occasion but she says she is not much the worse after they have passed. She generally has a sort of warning of their coming on, and lies down to avoid the danger of falling.

I visited evening class in which singing from notes was being taught. Spoke with Mr and Mrs Langley about the proposition to have the dancing class held in the Schoolroom. They said it would be very inconvenient and they would not be able to have anything to do with it.

W. Lamb called for Rates and Taxes.

1896, January 23, Thursday

Dry, cold, dull. Busy with School and Charity Accounts. Visited the School this afternoon and with Mr Langley took the measurements afresh for Education Department Form IX. Visited Night School and taught class Local Geography for a few moments.

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