Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1895, June 3, Monday 


Balance Sheet for the year ending Dec. 31st, 1894

The Society has 25 Honorary Members, 82 Ordinary, and 16 Juveniles.

1895, June 23, Sunday

The “Gospel” tent is here again. It was said that three Brass Bands from Chipping Norton, Tysoe and Shutford were to parade Sibford this afternoon. There were a good many strangers about, but I did not see or hear any Band.

1895, July 10, Wednesday

I am giving Frank 4 to 6 hours a day in preparing him for Oxford Responsions in September, and Matriculation at Keble College.

1895, July 22, Monday

I had a headache about 12.15 and for about 15 minutes was unable to fix my thoughts upon what I was reading so as to keep up the thread of the story, but I quite recovered in half an hour.

1895, July 25, Thursday 

John Lively called and I paid him a cheque on Town Estate, to £6. 6. 0. for the thatching of Sibford Heath. He told me that Summerton, formerly Baker and Grocer here, has over £100 owing to him in this village, though it is about four years since he left, mostly by labourers working at Mr. Richard Lamb’s, in constant work and with good wages. One or two owe as much as £8 and £10 for bread alone.

1895, August 9, Friday

Took Choir children to the Round House, Edghill, to tea, starting soon after 1. I drove Ruby and took Mrs Langley and Lizzie Lovell. Miss S Dix drove herself, Annie Inns and Daisy Thame. Mr Elley went with Mr Langley in Thomas Webb’s wagonette, the rest went in Reuben Sabin’s cart. There were altogether 27 at tea. I provided 24 buns for the children and half a gallon of milk and half a pound of sweets for scrambling. We got back about 8:30 with Ruby who came home splendidly, but Webb and Sabin stopped at Epwell, to get beer, I suppose, which I do not approve of when they have children in their care.

1895, August 12, Monday

Palpitation of the heart came on whilst I was walking with Frank this evening, so I had to return at once and go to bed at 9.30. It ceased in about two hours.

1895, August 19, Monday

We found Mr Oddie, Mr Long and Oliver Harris discussing Flower-Show poster in which among the “Sports” a “Hasty Pudding Competition” was mentioned. They all disapproved of it as both vulgar and dangerous. It was settled that Oliver Harris should attend the Committee meeting this evening and speak about it, Mr Oddie promised to do so too. We went into Mr Oddie’s garden which was gloriously gay with flowers.

At the Flower Show committee meeting this evening, the Hasty Pudding Contest was condemned and eliminated from the programme.

1895, September 5, Thursday

Miss Anderson sent Frank a cheque for £25 to pay Entrance and Responsions fees and decorations for his rooms at Oxford.

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