Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1894, October 18, Thursday   a

St Luke. Fine and bright morning. Divine Service at 9.15. Bessie Wyatt called with school cheque, which I had paid Mr Langley, who had paid it to Miss Wyatt. She had paid it to her wholesale house. They had paid it to their Bankers and so through the Clearing House I suppose – it had come back to Banbury, and been returned to Sibford. It was marked “Requires another signature”. Mr Langley had forgotten to get Mr Woolgrove’s counter signature.

Cakebread finished delivering 5 tons 4 cwt 3 qrs. “Best House Coal” from Hook Norton, sent by Lamont and Warne 16. 17. Coal Exchange London. The price 13/3 a ton at Hook Norton. I paid Cakebread 2/9 per ton for cartage and 11d. for weighing. He gave me unsolicited a shilling for the Hospitals Collection. I sent extra 4/- by Postal Order to the Horton Infirmary.

Drove to Hook Norton to meet 12.17 train from Cheltenham. A barn was blazing at Hook Norton when we left. I visited widow Reason and paid her Clothing Club money 19/4 in cash. Wrote to Master of School at Bodicote about Hopper Ventilators.

1894, October 19, Friday 

Very cold with a little rain. Bell and I visited Mary Sabin, Miss Dix and Mr & Mrs Ainge. The latter showed us a photograph of herself and her husband, which Frank had taken when he was at home and sent them this morning, and with which they were greatly pleased. We then walked round Tyne Hill and Pound Lane home.

1894, October 20, Saturday

Cold, some rain. Drove Bessie round Sibford Heath, Epwell and Tyne Hill. Received letter from cousin William Green, Sarisbury, saying they would be much pleased to see both myself and Bell on Monday next. So I wrote and said we would both come.

Jewell sent in his account for the year and wants to buy my apples if he can.

1894, October 21, Sunday

xxi Trinity. Attended Boys’ School this morning. Paid out Clothing Club, gave some boys who had been very irregular at choir practice only 1.8 instead of 2/- at Mr Langley’s suggestion. The roads were very muddy, and there was some rain. Ordered some straw of Ainge yesterday, 10/- worth.

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