Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1894, August 18, Saturday 

Fine. Drove Miss Sotteck to Brailes to bring Frank home, as he had a Gladstone bag, etc to carry. He had started an hour or more before we got there. Garrard was at home, but did not come to the gate to shake hands, though Miss Sotteck told him I was outside with my horse.

Flower Show Committee. I could not go.

1894, August 19, Sunday

xiii Sunday after Trinity. Showery. George Burdon at church with George Padbury. He has come for the Flower Show and his holiday. I visited Miss Sabin. Rosa, Miss Sotteck and Frank went to see Mrs Page and Mrs Kerr this evening.

1894, August 20, Monday

Fine and cool. Frank was busy photographing on the lawn this morning all our party and Mrs Page and Mrs Kerr. I took Miss Sottick around Pig and Whistle this evening. I took Clothing Club, etc. I told Mr Langley that I had paid Henry Bishop 13/- + 4/- = 17/- for Nelsie Golder.

1894, August 21, Tuesday 

Light rain almost all day. We were invited to Lawn Tennis party etc at Mr Riddle’s, but the rain prevented our going. I walked to Sibford Ferris this afternoon to examine with him the writing specimens sent in for the Flower Show tomorrow. Sent off “Copy” for September number of Deddington Deanery Magazine.

1894, August 22, Wednesday

Fine. Annual Exhibition of Sibford Horticultural Society held in Mr Ainge’s field opposite the church. There were very many people from surrounding villages. Everything passed off well. I was timekeeper and starter at the washing competition which caused much fun. Mrs Way and Mrs Watson were there. The former is staying with Miss Dix for a few days. Mr Garrard of Brailes, his wife and her sister Maud were here to the show and to tea. So were Mrs Page and Mrs Kerr. I stayed in the field and dancing tent, mostly with Mr Oddie, till 12.30 am. Everything was quite quiet and orderly.

1894, August 23, Thursday 

Rain all day. Miss Sotteck left for London. Frank drove her to Banbury. Bell, Frank and I took supper with Mrs Page and Mrs Kerr at their lodgings.

1894, August 24, Friday

St Bartholomew’s Day. Divine Service at 9.15. Frank accompanied Mrs Page and Mrs Kerr in Ainge’s wagonette (West driving) to Broughton. They went over the castle and Frank took some photographs.

I visited school and spoke to Mr Langley about Sunday School treat and breaking up. We think next Friday will be most suitable for both.

I met George Aris, junior who married our old servant Jane Messenger. He was very well dressed, very well mannered and looked well. He is manager (for brewers) of a beer shop at Haggerston, for which he gets £3 a week etc.

Visited Widow Lamb who showed me a letter recently received from her son Francis who says trade of all kinds is bad in Toronto.

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