Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1894, June 11, Monday 

St Barnabas. Divine Service at 9.15. Took Penny Bank and Clothing Club. Visited Widows Anna Aris and Green. Susan Hunt was taken to her son Andrew’s at Banbury. During my absence last week Mrs Padbury sent proposed inscription for her late husband’s tomb-stone. I marked it “Approved”, signed it and returned it to her to-day. On Saturday, notice came from Charity Commissioners that they had received declarations in the matter of removal of trustees (Phillips and Miller) from Loggin and Town Estates Charities and the business was now completed. This evening I walked round Temple Mill, “The Gate Hangs High” and Sibford Ferris with Miss Sottick.

1894, June 12, Tuesday   a

Received letter from Bentley & Son, publishers, declining my MS “Stories and Sketches from a Vicar’s diary”, after keeping it for a month and asking where they should send it.

Joshua Lamb called for Loggin poor rates for February and May which I paid by Loggin Cheque.

Homo, nomine Bates, Bailiffa Aulac Comitatis de Banburio, venit hoc mane portans summonitionem ascriptam ad H.E.S. ut appararet XXX Junii et solveret summam £1. 5s. plus 2/- pro summonitione Cheney et filiis impressariis de Banburio. Mater ejus eam ad eum misit. Ego Cheney scripsi.

A man named Bates, Bailiff of the Court of Banbury, came this morning bearing a summons registered to H.E.S. [Harry Stevens, the Vicar’s older son] to prepare for the 30th of June and to pay the sum of £1. 5s. plus 2/- for summons from Cheney & sons, printers of Banbury. His mother sent it to him. I wrote to Cheney.

I drove Bell and Rosa to Brailes this afternoon. We took tea with Sophie and Maud Smith and their sister Susie (Mrs Given). The mare went beautifully, both there and back.

There is a great strike of Cabmen in London for lower charges to be paid to the masters. London was much quieter than usual on Tuesday and Saturday last and there was scarcely a cab to be seen.

1894, June 13, Wednesday 

Very dark and cloudy this morning with some rain. Cleared up in afternoon. Called on Mrs Shellswell, Ben Messenger. He and his wife complained bitterly of the condition of the woman Neal, a widow, whom their son Joseph keeps at John Lines’s and by whom he has three children. She was “like a mad ‘ooman’ said Ben, cos our Ben put her out o’ our garding and ‘oon’t let her take our faggots away.”

I called at Barton’s to see the mother of the girl Susan who is back with John Lines again. Visited Mary Sabin, Charles Holtom’s wife, and John Webb’s.

Bell, Miss Sottick and I walked round Sibford Ferris, the Elm and Alcocks Lane this evening. Addie Lamb came for poor Rate. Visited Widow John Holtom and William Hawtin.

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