Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1894, April 1, Sunday

Coming out of Church we met Mr Oddie who told us that two of his pupils were down with pneumonia. He was naturally very much concerned about it.

1894, April 5, Thursday

I had the mare brought up from the orchard to the lawn this morning, but she ate so much of the long rich grass that I thought she would injure herself and consequently sent her back to the orchard.

1894, April 7, Saturday

The appended advertisement appeared yesterday. I sent it up a day or two ago, with cheque for £1 which pays for 5 insertions on alternate days. I hope it will bring one or more pupils.

Cutting from The “Times” of Friday 6 April 1894

CAREFUL INDIVIDUAL TEACHING for gentleman’s sons preparing for Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, etc., or Public Schools, or otherwise, by Oxford M.A., of much experience and success, vicar of an extremely pleasant and healthy country parish. Address Vicar, Sibford Gower, Banbury.

1894, April 8, Sunday

Bell and I drove to Hook Norton this evening when I took Divine Service for Cox who is on a brief visit to his father at Stockland Vicarage, near Honiton, who is ill. We returned immediately after service, declining Miss Fagan’s kind invitation to supper at the Rectory in order to save as much of daylight as possible for the drive home. I took the boy Hyde with me to open the gates and put up the mare at the “Sun” opposite the Church. I thought the congregation a good and very attentive one. The choir which was large for such a place sang, I thought, somewhat coarsely, and as though they did not know the music. It was a very pleasant drive but we had to light our lamps at Temple Mill on the return journey.

1894, April 12, Thursday

Land is to be bought very cheap now. In 1727 Rev. John Loggin of Swalcliffe, Rector of Long Marston, left £200 for the poor of Swalcliffe, Sibford and other parishes. With that £200 + £20 a portion of land (A “Yard land”) was bought as an investment in Sibford Ferris. In 1787 the Enclosure Commissioners awarded to the Trustees the present estate of 20 acres and.about 35 perches with “timber” I suppose. That land was let to one tenant at £40 per annum. When I came here it was let in allotments at £2. 10. per acre. Now we charge only £2. Still it brings net after rates taxes, repairs, roadways and collection are allowed for £24 a year which is 12 per cent on original outlay.

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