Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1893, September 23, Saturday 

Baker Long met me and told me he was anxious to do something for the poor widows of Sibford Ferris as it is Harvest Festival tomorrow, so he would give them a half quartern of flour each.

1893, October 24, Tuesday 

Soden of Epwell White House asked whether the Trustees would allow him some land to do some necessary mounding between the Furze Land which he holds and some fields on the farm. I asked him to let me know the length required. He would do the labour if we would fund ???

1893, October 31, Tuesday

Inns called and asked for use of schoolroom next Friday as Dixon had made up his mind to start a reading room and having collected some subscriptions thought there should be a public meeting for the affordment of a Committee. Would I take the chair? I replied that I would lend the schoolroom but could not promise to take the chair; I felt a great reluctance in associating myself with a scheme which seemed to be foredoomed to failure.

1893, November 2, Thursday

Charles Woods butcher called and paid me £11 for rent (Church Close £10, Bite of slinket £1).

This evening the Dixon Reading Room meeting was held in the schoolroom. I did not go but wrote a note to Inns saying why I could not.

1893, November 14, Tuesday

Webb’s wife wrote of inconvenience of notice to him as she expects to be confined in about a month. I wrote to say they might stay in cottage rent free for a month or 6 weeks after her confinement.

1893, November 17, Friday

Trustees’ Meeting. Coals are said to be 38/- per ton, so the Trustees determined to defer the distribution for a week or two leaving it to the discretion of myself and Mr Woolgrove.

1893, November 19, Sunday 

The Great Elm at Sibford Ferris was very greatly damaged by the storm last night.



TO NOBLEMEN, PATRONS, and others. — Permanent remunerative APPOINTMENT WANTED by a married, middle-aged clergyman, M.A. Oxon., of much experience, parochial, literary, and educational, and in the management of charity estates and allotments, who wants more scope, work, and income than his present benefice affords. Address Vigilans, H256, The Times Office, E.C.

  1. last out on Nov. 26th ’93.

1893, November 21, Tuesday 

Mr Thomas, horse dealer of Shutford, will call tomorrow to look at the mare with the view to purchase and send her to Gloucester fair.

1893, November 24, Friday

Horse dealer called; said mare had some good work in her yet. But he will not bid for her this morning. I asked £12.

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