Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1890, July 17, Thursday 

Wrote to Imperial Assurance company a day or two ago asking what they would advance me on my Argus policy for £500. They wrote to say they would lend me £120 at 5% if interest were paid at proper time, but 7% if it were delayed. I wrote again and asked for a loan of £120. I am much grieved at having to do this.

1890, July 20, Sunday

I attended Choir practice this evening. The Schoolroom was very foul owing to droppings of a calf which Henry Harris keeps in school playground where he also keeps pigs. Miss S. Dix who took the practice complained of it and her sister Bessie (so she said) had complained bitterly about it in the morning. I do not understand by what right anyone puts animals there at all.

1890, July 21, Monday 

Showery but warm. I wrote a note to Mr. Robinson asking him to tell his tenant that the Trustees did not allow any cattle or pigs to be put in the School play-field which was reserved entirely for the use of the children. He wrote me a very proper note of apology in reply stating that Harris had withdrawn the calf and pigs at once when spoken to about the matter.

1890, July 30, Wednesday

I went out for a walk this evening from 9.30 to 10.30 and found the Band playing at Sibford Ferris to welcome John Lamb and his bride (Miss Shout that was, Mrs. Oddie’s sister) home. The night was cloudy and sultry.

1890, August 11, Monday

I went for a walk before going to bed and met Mr. Oddie who told me that the owners of the tent at Shutford were not yet prepared to sell it, as they could not agree, but would lend it to us for one Flower Show on payment of 5/-. The members of the Committee there lamented that there was so little public spirit and harmony there. If the Dissenters started anything the Church people would not join them and if the Church people started it the Dissenters would have nothing to do with it. Sibford was the place for public spirit. All classes seemed to live in harmony there and whatever was attempted was carried successfully through. Jobson, one of the men, said he would very much like to live at Sibford, and the others endorsed the sentiment.

1890, August 12, Tuesday

Wrote to W.M.D. c/o T.J. Fletcher, 53 Lord St. Liverpool, about pupil age 24 to prepare for Cambridge previous. Terms £50 per term in advance including Board, Lodging and Tuition. Extras Laundress and Books. All provided. If needed Term’s notice or terms fees. Advert was in “Guardian”.

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