Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1886, November 20, Saturday 

Received note from Miss Norris about Loggin Charity.

Went to Ludgate Hill and called at Samuel Bros. about an overcoat for Frank.

Returned home. George Burdon was late with the carriage at Banbury.

Received postal card from W. Hawker Hughes at Mentone telling me of his brother’s death.

Maria Walker, executrix of late Eliza Harris, called with Mrs Wilks to ask about certificate of death and I told her she must get that from the authorities of the Quakers’ graveyard where she was buried.

1886, November 21, Sunday 

Taught in Boys’ School this morning.

Emma Lines brought a note from Louisa Lines asking me to visit Sarah (“Sally”) Lines, her mother in law, which I did this evening. The old woman is very ill. She wanted me to witness her signature, or rather mark, to an order to withdraw her money from Banbury Savings Bank and to empower her daughter, Mrs Widdows, to receive it. The old woman when young had a very indifferent reputation and had several bastard children. She then “married” James Lines, her own nephew, who died a year or two ago from the kick of a horse belonging to Richard Lamb which he was driving when the worse for drink.

The old woman seemed very penitent this evening and very thankful to me for going to pray with her. She wished very much to receive the Holy Communion but was afraid I would refuse it to her. Barber Haynes’s wife is nursing her.

1886, November 22, Monday 


Joshua Lamb called for Sibford Ferris (Loggin) Poor Rates.

Visited Sally Lines and gave her the Holy Communion. Barber Haines’s wife and Polly Lines received with her. Mrs Haynes told me afterwards that Sally seemed very much happier in her mind since she had seen me last night.

1886, November 23, Tuesday

Banbury Clerical Society meeting at Rev J. R. Izat’s, Wroxton Vicarage. It was an excellent meeting; but we did not take up our standing subject, the Book of Joshua, all our time being occupied in discussing Izat’s paper on the Report of the Committee of Convocation respecting the Spiritual Condition of the working classes, and whether the Church was doing its duty or not.

John Adkins, of Sibford Ferris, called this evening and asked me to fill up paper for Warneford Hospital at Leamington for his child Alice who has received an injury to the foot which does not yield to the treatment recommended by Routh.

1886, November 24, Wednesday

Drove Bell to Brailes to the Induction of Rev Fred Garrard as Vicar on presentation by Mr Smith. Mr Pritchard Vicar of Newbold and Rural Deacon was the Inductor. We had a cup of tea at Mr Garrard’s after the service which was an interesting one, and being at 2.30 pm all the school children and a considerable number of parishioners were present.

Mrs Shelswell was here to tea with Rosa.

1886, November 25, Thursday 

Foggy. Bell and I lunched at Wigginton Rectory with Mr and Mrs Mozley. Mr and Mrs Whitehead of South Newington Vicarage, and their son and daughter were of the party.

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